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Nadine Boulay
Institutional/Organizational Affiliation: 
Simon Fraser University

The interviews in this collection represent the research of Nadine Boulay for her Master’s thesis in the Department of Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University: Lesbian Generations in Vancouver.

This project explores the possibilities of cross-generational oral history interviewing as a pedagogical tool for inter-generational conversation and broader historical understanding in queer communities. From February to October 2013, five queer women (ages 19-30) interviewed 15 older lesbians active in the lesbian feminist community in Vancouver during the 1970s and 80s. Through these collected interviews, this research explored processes of identity formation, politics and community building of lesbians in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland during this time period. While lesbians in the 1970s and 80s created a vibrant and unprecedented culture and historical presence, few younger queer women are familiar with this history. Through oral history interviewing, this project provided an opportunity for younger lesbian/queer women to learn more about lesbian histories and preserved the important life histories of these 15 narrators. Topics described in these interviews include but are not limited to: feminist and women's activism, bar culture, collective housing, rural and urban lesbian communities in B.C., social justice movements of the 60s and 70s, gender identity and presentation, lesbian feminist politics, marriage, and lesbian identity across the lifespan.

A portion of the interviews in this collection are protected.

Lesbian Generations in Vancouver

Titlesort ascending Date of interview Place of interview
Pat and Nadine 2 2013-09-13 Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Pat and Nadine 1 2013-06-13 Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Nym and Erin 2 2013-08-08 Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Nym and Erin 1 2013-03-28 Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
North and Aliza 2013-08-29 Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Nancy and Candice 2013-03-09 Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Micah and Erin 2013-08-01 Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Liz and Candice 2013-08-02 Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Kaye and Nadine 2013-10-17 Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver
Esther and Erin 2 2013-08-15 Canada, British Columbia, Vancouver