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The Lesbian Testimony Podcast - Episode 4

The Lesbian Testimony Podcast is a project born out of the Archives of Lesbian Oral Testimony to encourage greater engagement with lesbian oral records. Each week host Callie Hitchcock will talk to a donor of the archive about one of their submissions or talk to an oral historian involved in lesbian oral testimony.

For Episode 4 we speak with Joan Nestle, a long-time activist, educator, and writer who has made landmark contributions to lesbian culture and history. She is the author of Restricted Country, the editor of A Persistent Desire: A Butch-Femme Reader, and the co-founder of the Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, New York. We discuss one of her interviews from the Herstory archive with Mabel Hampton, an African American lesbian born in 1902. We talk about the changes over time of lesbian norms, language, and politics, and how one's positionality as the interviewer is complicated by our historical limitations.

Would you like to talk with ALOT about your lesbian experience? Our Bridging the Gap project is looking for contributors.