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Elise Chenier
Institutional/Organizational Affiliation: 
Queen's University

This collection includes the interviews used as research for Dr. Elise Chenier's 1995 MA thesis from Queen's University Tough ladies and troublemakers: Toronto's public lesbian community, 1955-1965. The project explored butch and fem lesbian bar culture in post-World War Two Toronto. The collection also includes related interviews conducted after the publication of Dr. Chenier's thesis.

Publications and works related to these interviews include:

Tough Ladies and Troublemakers

Title Date of interview Place of interview
Ivy and Georgie 1993-01-01 Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Lynn Crush 1993-03-29 Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Jack Webster 1994-01-13 Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Helen Cascallen 1996-07-17 Canada, Ontario, Toronto
Al Maloney 2001-09-13 Canada, Ontario, Toronto