Tim Smith

Pat Hogan

This is an interview with Pat Hogan This audio documentary project are for the ears of heterosexual men that aren't aware of the plight of Lesbian feminist women who have actively fought to perserve, protect, and uplift the status of women in our society. This project is intened to educate and enlighten the subsconscious ignorance of straight men who have only percieved the women's struggle from a heterosexual perspective. When in reality, the activism of Lesbian women groups and orginizations from the 1960s-70s was a movement to uplift the status for all women. I'm a straight man who knew nothing of the eduring struggles of Lesbian Lives until interviewing Pat Hogan and it dawned on me how central her life story is to liberation of all women. My interviews with Pat Hogan took place on: September 26th October 26th November 14th In the Transcript you can find the questions I pulled from my three interviews that I did with Pat.
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September 26, 2019
Pat Hogan
Tim Smith
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